Sleepy Email Brunch Tree is the third episode of Life in Pieces, first aired on October 5, 2015.


  • In "Story One: Sleep Deprived", repeated caring for their infant daughter Lark has made Jen and Greg very sleepy. Troubles with a policeman begin when the sleepy Greg gets stopped during a night diaper run while driving at 14 MPH.
  • In "Story Two: Heather Sends an Email", with only 10 minutes remaining, Heather tries to handle interruptions while writing and sending an email.
  • In "Story Three: Colleen Meets the Family", Matt coaches Colleen on how to connect with the family when he invites her to brunch with them. They like her so much that they couldn't help but mention how they like her more than Matt's first wife. She didn't know that Matt had any wives.
  • In "Story Four: The Felling", Tim has a very bad reaction to espresso while John, Matt and Greg try and fail to chop down a tree in Greg's backyard.